7 reasons why Gohan is the greatest Saiyan of all time

Nowadays Gohan is a kind of sleeping giant, probably the most powerful character in the Dragon Ball franchise, but he simply stopped wanting to train and fight.

And just because we believe in Gohan, we bring you 6 reasons why Gohan is the greatest Saiyan of all time!

01. Gohan doesn’t need to transform to demonstrate all his power

Gohan’s power is so great that, in his original form, he is much stronger than Gotenks transformed into Super Saiyan.

In fact, Frieza himself even admitted that even without transforming Gohan was strong enough to defeat his entire army.

02. Gohan was surly going to be the main character of Dragon Ball

Akira Toriyama, creator of the Dragon Ball animated series, confessed that his original plans were to give the lead role to Gohan.

Toriyama wanted to demonstrate all of Gohan’s evolution until he became the most powerful Saiyan of all time. But the fan favorite character was Goku, and this made Gohan not take over as the protagonist.

03. As a child he almost defeated Freeza

During Frieza’s saga, Gohan was still just a child, but that didn’t stop Gohan from trying to defeat Frieza. Although the Emperor of the Universe ended up defeating Gohan, the little Saiyan had a lot of struggle and even came close to defeating the terrible villain.

04. Gohan defeated Cell when Goku failed to

When Cell appeared on the series, it looked like no one could stop him. Not even Goku, who had been a victim of this villain. But without Goku to save humanity and with Cell even stronger having attained his perfect form, Gohan once again demonstrated his full power.

Gohan was the first Saiyan to transform into Super Saiyan 2, managing to defeat Cell in an epic moment! And it’s worth remembering that Gohan did all of this with one hand!

05. Have you ever heard of Mystic Gohan?

Many of you may remember the Mystic Gohan, a transformation that was used to face the Super Buu. Character creator Akira Toriyama confessed that the Mystic Gohan was the strongest Saiyan he had ever created.

He is much stronger than a Super Saiyan 2! Toriyama stated that at the end of the Dragon Ball Z series, the Mystic Gohan was the most powerful character among them all. Impressive!

06. Gohan just didn’t want to be the best

If you follow Dragon Ball, you know that Gohan’s character has changed over the years. Gohan is currently a… nerd.

The character never liked to fight, preferring to dedicate himself to studies and to be a family man. He later married Videl and this relationship resulted in a daughter, Pan, who made him withdraw from combat.

07. Things have changed and Gohan can reach his full potential!

Will the world be ready for Gohan?

If Gohan unlocks his full potential, he will easily be able to transform into Super Sayajin God. And his power level will finally surpass Goku’s. But are Dragon Ball fans prepared for such a significant change in the franchise’s storyline? After all, he would necessarily become the main character of the series.

We’ll never know why the writers put Gohan aside, after a start where the character turned out to have great potential.

But we all know that Gohan is arguably the greatest and most powerful Saiyan of all time. We’ll see what the future holds!

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